Beckles tackles thorny issue: Africans trading in slaves

See this story at By George Alleyne Transatlantic slave traders got their way and cooperation from some Africans because kings and other community leaders were made proverbial ‘offers they cannot refuse’ wherein they be facilitators of slavery, die, or worse yet – become slaves themselves. Faced with threats to their lives or own enslavement…

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Regional artists tell stories during three-day fair

See this story at By George Alleyne Societies turn to the creative minds within their midst to colorfully document incidents within the passage of time that altogether make up the history of communities, so it was no wonder that a forum grouping Caribbean artists was chockful of stories. Regional illustrators along with those from…

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CARICOM dodges real LIAT issue

See this story at By George Alleyne With LIAT facing a cash crisis that could shut down the airline, Caribbean governments are in a series of meetings aimed at saving the lifeblood regional transport system, but they appear to be skirting around the main issue — their taxes that make air travel costly. Reports…

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