Elba makes directorial debut with Jamaican drama

See this story at By Kam Williams “Yardie” Very Good (3 stars) Unrated Running time: 101 minutes Production Companies: Warp Films / BFI Film Fund / Studio Canal Distributor: Rialto Pictures Dennis “D” Campbell (Aml Ameen) had the misfortune of growing up in the slums of Kingston, Jamaica in the Seventies at a time…

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Independent & Foreign Films

See this story at By Kam Williams Dragged across Concrete (R for profanity, sexuality, nudity, grisly images and graphic violence) Action thriller about a couple of cops (Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn) who turn to a life of crime after being suspended without pay for police brutality caught on camera. With Don Johnson, Fred…

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Forbidden love between hospitalized teens

See this story at By Kam Williams “Five Feet Apart” Very Good (3 stars) Rated PG-13 for profanity, mature themes and suggestive material Running time: 116 minutes Production Companies: CBS Films / Wayfarer Entertainment Distributors: CBS Films / Lionsgate Stella Grant (Haley Lu Richardson) is a typical 17-year-old in most regards. However, she is…

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